Margaret Hogg

Product Designer

Margaret Hogg

Shiftgig Business 2.0 Client Orders

I provided UI designs for Shiftgig’s Business 2.0 client order experience on Android. I worked off of wireframes provided by our lead UX designer, and jumped in to help brainstorm and lay ideas out when questions about our initial approach came up.

For this project, wireframes were provided by the UX designer on the project, Wes Martin. View Wes' work at

I took Wes' wireframes and converted them into Android designs, and created a prototype.

As we went through feedback rounds and presented the work to stakeholders, some of the planned architecture changed. Wes and I worked together to iterate through these changes and apply them to the working prototype.

  • Role UI Designer

  • For Shiftgig

  • Date 2016

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